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Map of Commons Areas

Are you hiking through our Commons? Or are you trespassing through a neighbor's backyard?

Make sure you are on the right side of the boundary lines, by checking our Commons map.  Clear, color-coded and easy to understand, this map will guide you to the paths and woods open to all residents of Lakes of Northville.

  The map is also posted on our Lakes of Northville signs at the upper and lower Commons entrances.
Tips to Keep Our Neighborhood Beautiful

Architectural and design experts share these simple tips to keep older subdivisions looking current and increase property values. Mailboxes and garage doors make a critical first impression.

Put your mailbox on the outside edge of your driveway if possible, so it doesn't compete with your front door for attention.Avoid elaborate landscaping and flowers around your mailbox to minimize its impact. A mailbox is not a garden feature. Choose a classic, good quality mailbox similar to others in the neighborhood and keep it in good repair.

Garage doors -- Newer subdivisions often put the garage at the side of the house so the door is not visible from the front. In older subs like ours, we can minimize the look of our front garage doors by painting them the darker of the home's trim colors, and keep them closed when possible. Your home is safer that way, too.
The Lakes of Northville
Save our Roads

Your voice matters. Report potholes, sinkholes, cracks and other road hazards through the link below. The greater the number of complaints, the higher priority for repair.  The online process is simple and fairly quick.  Or call the Repair Depot at:  888-762-3273 to speak with a live person about the problem.

Wayne County Road Department
Hop to it!!! 

Lakes of Northville Annual Egg Hunt
Open to subdivision children and guests

Sunday, April 14 at 1:00 PM
at Lakes of Northville Upper Commons
(by the play structure)

To make sure the Bunny hides enough eggs for everyone, please RSPV with the number of children and their ages by April 1 to 
Kelly Anderson: kma0815@gmail.com

*If your egg hunter has food allergies please note in your RSVP.

Bring your bags and baskets to fill!! See you there.